Optional medical services

Optional medical services

What is the difference between the general medical services and the elective ones?

General hospital services are the hospital services, which are necessary in the individual case according to the nature and severity of the disease. Therefore the general services aim at maximum care of the patient, taking into account the capacity of the hospital.

The optional services are special services which go beyond the general hospital services. For example, you can apply for treatment by the main physician or head of the department who specializes in treatment of your medical case. It goes without saying that all medically necessary services are given to you without completing the agreement on optional services. However, if you want the extraordinary high level of medical care, you can apply tot he complimentary services at the Clinic of Braunschweig.

Which doctors are entitled to provide elective services?

In case of the service "Chief physician treatment", the election can not be restricted to individual liquidation-authorized doctors of the hospital (§ 17 KHEntgG). These services can also be provided by physicians and physician-guided facilities outside the hospital. The accounting is carried out in the name of the Municipal Clinic and is based on the liquidation proposals of the liquidation-entitled physicians.

You will learn the names of the chief physicians or their permanent representatives upon conclusion of an electoral service agreement.

The medical services provided by consular practitioners and the physician's facilities will be calculated by them according to the tariffs applicable to them.

What happens if the service you have chosen is prevented?

There should be distinguished between a foreseeable and unpredictable prevention of the optional service. In the case of an unforeseeable prevention of your service, it can be performed by the medical representative. Upon conclusion of a contract, you will receive a list of all the permanent representatives of the chief physicians at the Clinic. In the case of the unpredictable prevention of service, the services of the permanent medical representative shall be invoiced as elective services.

In the case of foreseeable prevention, the following possibilities exist:

  • They postpone the treatment until the return of the chief physician;
  • They allow treatment in the form of general hospital performance;
  • You have the treatment administered by the designated medical representative, with the calculation of the electoral fees.

In the latter case, a written agreement signed by the patient is required. Please mind that even without the conclusion of such an individual agreement, all the necessary medical services will be given to you during your stay.

The medical services of consular practitioners and external, physician-assisted facilities (such as services of external laboratories) are calculated according to the tariffs applicable to them.

How is the price for optional services calculated?

The actual billing is based on the rules of the official fee schedule for doctors / fees for dentists in Germany (GOÄ / GOZ). These charges have the following basic system.

In a first column, the billable service is provided with a fee number. This fee number is assigned in a second column to the verbal description of the billable services. In a third column the medical performance is scored. These scores are assigned to a uniform point value, which is expressed in cent and is subject to regular changes.

The multiplication of points and the point value yields the price for this service, which is indicated in a column 4 of the GOÄ:

The fixed price is the so-called „GOÄ charge“. The charge can be increased by increasing factors, such as the seriousness oft he condition, the time required for the individual service or the difficulty of treatment.

There are incremental rates of 3.5 times of the charge rate. In case of technical services it makes 2.5 times of the GOÄ rate, and in case of laboratory services 1.3 times of the charge rate. The average is 1.8 for technical services, 1.15 for laboratory services and 2.3 for all the other services.

You can not predict in advance which factors are used for billing and which rates are applied for billing. For this purpose, it is important to estimate the treatment achievements in the course of the treatment process, the degree of difficulty and the time required. All the factors and their ratings are discussed with the patients prior to medical treatment.

Use of extra medical services by newborns

Mother's use of elective services does not extend to newborns. Please note that children 's services are not covered by the parents' insurance. If, for any reason whatsoever, no insurance contract has been concluded, the parents themselves are obliged to pay the costs incurred.

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