General information

Dear international patients from United States of America, Canada, United Arab Emirates!

Your quick recovery is the utmost concern of our multidisciplinary team! About 3900 employees from a wide range of professional areas help to streamline the treatment process and take care of patients around the clock. We endeavour to make your stay at our Clinic as convenient as possible.

General information

You are in good hands!

With its 35 clinics, departments and institutes the Braunschweig Clinic covers almost all the medical specialties. We provide the region of Braunschweig (around 1 million inhabitants) with highly professional medical services, caring for 58,000 patients every year. We are especially engaged in treatment of the international patients, offering them the unparalleled level of medical services in Germany. The International Patient Center is a full-service office which helps the overseas patients to get access medical care at the Clinic of Braunschweig. Our multilingual team serves as a linking point before, during and even after the treatment.

Our contact data

Städtisches Klinikum Braunschweig gGmbH
Freisestr. 9/10
38118 Braunschweig

Our locations

We care for our patients at 3 different locations:

  • Clinical center in the Holwedestraße
  • Clinical center in the Salzdahlumer Street
  • Clinical center in the Cellerstraße

We also offer high quality rehabilitation services at the Outpatient rehabilitation center in the Nîmes street. We do our best to streamline your recovery process.


Generally visits of patients are allowed at any time; However, we ask you to comply with the rest hours between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. and from 7:30 p.m.

Mobile Phone Use

The mobile phones can impair the function of some electronic medical devices. Please mind that the use of mobiles at our hospital is generally restricted.

Making photos or films

The clinics should be viewed as a protective place. It is therefore not permitted to make photos or films at the territory of the Clinic. Exceptions are made in individual cases and only with the permission of the management or staff.

Internet access

All patients of the clinic can surf, send and receive E-mails due to the limitless access to the wireless network (WLAN). You can either pay the Internet fees via an online access or you buy the special Internet ticket at the reception of the Clinic.


With regard to your fellow patients and because of the fire risk smoking is not permitted at the clinic. Please, don’t try to smoke inside the patient room, since the fire detectors are installed there.

Leaving the clinic

Please contact the station staff if you want to leave your station for some time. We would like to ask you to be present in your room during medical visits, scheduled treatment procedures and meals. Leaving the inpatient department is allowed only on getting the permission of your physician.

Valuable things

Please do not bring any valuables or large sums of cash with you. If this is unavoidable, you should give the valuables at the hospital administration for saf storage and take them back after your treatment has been completed. Bring only the most necessary personal belongings with you and remember that the space in your room is limited.

Languages / Interpreters

Language comprehension is indispensable for efficient treatment. For this reason we employ specially trained medical interpreters, which are always ready to help during the communication process.

Case rates (DRGs)

A comprehensive, performance-oriented and flat-rate remuneration system has been introduced for the transparent payment policy. The Municipal Clinic of Braunschweig, like almost all the othe municipal hospitals in Germany, is counting on case fees (DRGs), regulated by the State.

For patients
Statistics 2017
  • 21 departments
  • 1428 licensed beds
  • 460 advanced practice clinicians
  • 1094 medical staff
  • 60785 inpatient admissions
  • 170733 outpatient visits
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