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Professor MD Thomas Gösling

Chief Physician

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Statistics 2017
  • 1350 patient admission
  • 15 physicians
  • 44 medical staff
  • 1056 excisions of diseased intervertebral disc tissue
  • 172 bone replacements on the spine
  • 162 spinal fusions
  • 391 other operations on the spine
  • 248 osteosynthesis (dynamic stabilization) on the spine

Our Services

Our Services

  • Endoscopic spinal column surgery
  • Microsurgical intervertebral disc treatment
  • Decompression of spinal stenoses
  • Disc prosthesis on the cervical spine
  • Nerve blockages for pain therapy
  • Vertebral infiltration management
  • Stabilization of unstable vertebral body fractures
  • Vertebral body replacement
  • Ventral and dorsal spondylodesis
  • Correction spondylodesis in posttraumatic dislocations
  • Surgery of tumors of spinal cord and spine
  • Stabilization of the spine during extensive bone defects following the tumor surgery
  • Operative therapy of spondylodiscitis / spondylitis
  • Treatment of the degenerative diseases of the spinal column and spine

Our patients benefit from the cooperation with other departments (neurology department, radiation therapy center, oncology clinic as well as the Rehabilitation center in the Nimesstraße). The interdisciplinary approach is ensured in both surgical and the conservative treatment of the spine.

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