Arthroscopic Surgery

The ‘scope’ is short form for naming any optical system used in modern kinds of surgery as endoscopy, laparoscopy, colonoscopy and others. Arthroscopy is a specific kind of minimally invasive operation for joints. Latest years orthopedic joint surgeons increases use of sparing technique for various problems of knees, hips, back, shoulders and other joints. It is proved itself as effective and joint friendly that means not causing much pain and assuring faster rehabilitation.

The difference of arthroscopy from traditional surgery is that it made through small incisions. The miniature camera is introduced into the joint via one cut not longer than 1 cm and tiny surgical tools are inserted through another. Optical system translates the images to display allowing the surgeon to control operation. The benefit of using arthroscope that it gives even better than natural enlarged view and the surgeon can see everything in details.

Another advantage of arthroscopic surgery, that you have lesser damage to your body and shorter recovery time, as well as less bleeding and lower risk of post-operational infections.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Today arthroscopy is widely used for different kinds of knee surgery:

  • Torn meniscus. Using small scissors and shavers a surgeon revomes torn or worn out meniscus eliminating the cause of pain and discomfort.
  • Microfracture knee repair. It is rarer operation when microscopic fractures are made in the bone using a tiny awl. The purpose of the procedure is stimulating the cartilage to grow.
  • Torn ligaments surgery. Arthroscopy is very useful for reconstructing of torn ligaments. Arthroscopy brought anterior cruciate ligament repair for new level of skill.
  • Trauma surgery. There are many common knee injuries including fractures and dislocations that can be restored with arthroscopic method.
  • Partial knee replacement. Arthroscopic become a common technique for partial (or unicompartmental) knee replacement which is proven as having even better results than traditional method.
  • Total knee replacement. Minimally invasive methods are used also for total knee replacement that reduces recovery period and reduce complications.

Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

Scope surgery is used both for diagnosis and treatment of whole range of hips disorders though it is not so common as for shoulder or knee.

  • Hip impingement. It is a condition when extra bone develops. That bone can be trimmed using a sparing method.
  • Synovial inflammation. Minimally invasive technique is used for removal inflamed tissues.
  • Hip cartilage treatment. The torn hip cartilage (labrum) is removed by special shaver under the scope control.
  • Hip arthroplasty. The operation is known as hip replacement which formerly was performed with classic method but now is often replaced with minimally invasive operation that demonstrate the best results.

Arthroscopic Back Surgery

There many back problem that can be treated by means of scope surgery including:

  • Spinal decompression. In this surgery the herniated disks are cut with special edge cutting small tools which allows releasing spinal nerves and cords.
  • Disk Replacement. It is replacement of spinal disks with implants. Though this is a new technique requiring additional study, it is already proved itself.

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Some common disorders of shoulder joint presently often are treated with sparing methods using endoscopic camera and small instrument.

  • Full-thickness rotation cuff. This condition is often caused with impingement which can be treated with arthroscopic method.
  • Shoulder arthoplasty. Replacement of the shoulder with prosthesis presently is most often done with arthroscopy which significantly reduces negative side effects of surgery and shortens recovery time.

We Know Everything about Arthroscopy

Joint surgery is in highly demand worldwide. Orthopedic and trauma centers of Braunschweig Clinic Group offer complete range of arthroscopic operations on joints with following rehabilitation. If you wish to design your individual treatment plan or simply have a question on using minimally invasive methods for treatment and prosthesis please apply online for consultation. The best German surgeons are at your disposal. Make a call and we will answer you.

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Arthroscopic Surgery

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