Welcome to the Neurosurgery Department at the Braunschweig Clinic!

Welcome to the Neurosurgery Department at the Braunschweig Clinic!

Patients with diseases and injuries of brain, spinal cord, spine and nervous system are treated surgically in the Neurosurgery Clinic.

Prof. Dr. Wolf Peter Sollmann, Chief Physician at the Neurosurgery Clinic, introduced the new procedure for the cervical disc prosthesis for the Braunschweig region in 2004. The prosthesis was already used worldwide by 500 patients by the end of 2005, 22 of these operations took place in Braunschweig.

The clinic (45 beds) has modern operating rooms, five ventilation rooms in the intensive care, operated together with the surgery, two care stations and a function area for the patient's pre- and poststationary consultation and care. Each year, approximately 1,600 patients are treated as inpatients and another 3,000 are treated as outpatients.

In addition to the operative activities, the counseling of patients and their relatives about operational possibilities is of great importance. For this purpose, the neurosurgery’s consultancy service is available to all departments of the clinic.

We also work closely with accident surgery in the treatment of accident injuries.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Chief Physician Professor Dr. Wolf Peter Sollmann and his team.

Neurosurgery Clinic
Chief Physician

Welcome to the Neurosurgery Department at the Braunschweig Clinic!

Professor MD Wolf-Peter Sollmann

Chief Physician

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Statistics 2017
  • 1350 patient admission
  • 15 physicians
  • 44 medical staff
  • 122 reconstructions of the brain membranes
  • 1056 excisions of diseased intervertebral disc tissue
  • 172 bone replacements on the spine
  • 162 spinal fusions
  • 391 other operations on the spine
  • 248 osteosynthesis (dynamic stabilization) on the spine
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