Brain Tumor Surgery

Brain tumor is a serious disease that may be fatal, if not revealed and treated in time. To get rid of lumps in cerebral tissues, complicated operations are performed. If you need to go through such procedure, suggest brain tumor surgery in Germany: this is a safe and affordable option. Find out what the peculiarities of brain tumor are, and why you should choose the Clinic of Braunsweig.

What is brain tumor?

Tumor is a lump in tissue that consists of abnormal cells. Such cells do not die as usual ones: they mutate, grow when body doesn’t need them, and do not die. As the process evolves, new cells form and add up to the mass. Most widespread lump types are gliomas (form from glial cells) and meningeal (occur in the meninges – tissues which cover the brain).

There are two kinds of tumors:

  1. Benign brain tumors are not cancerous. Typically, they have clear borders and do not go deeply into brain tissues. They are easier to cut out than malignant lumps, but can come back even after removal. Benign tumors are usually not considered to be fatal, but they can also affect health considerably causing inflammation and pressing against the brain.
  2. Malignant brain tumors are cancerous, they grow quicker and tend to be more aggressive. Besides, tumor may spread to other organs and affect CNS and spinal cord. Malignant lumps are more likely to reoccur after treatment.

Symptoms of brain tumor

Signs and symptoms of brain tumor depend on its type and location. Depending on the zone affects, a person can havevarious symptoms. Some brain tumors cause no inconvenience at all until they get large, but later they cause serious health problems. Other lumps may have slowly developing symptoms.

The most widespreadsymptom of a brain tumor is headache that cannot be relieved with remedies. Other signs of lumps include:

  • Alteration in vision
  • Seizures
  • Changes in hearing or speech
  • Problems with balance and walking
  • Difficulty with memorizing
  • Tingling sensation in legs or arms
  • Weakness in some body parts
  • Changes in personality
  • Difficulty in concentration

Mind that signs of brain tumor can be caused by different diseases and conditions, not necessarily lumps or cancer – you should visit a doctor, if some of the above-mentioned symptoms bother you.

Brain tumor surgery

The Clinic of Braunsweigprovides all kinds of tumor treatment and all possible therapies. Generally, treatment of brain tumor is defined by its peculiarities. Radiation and chemotherapy are used to shrink lumps, but the first thing to be done is brain tumor surgery. Only this way you can make tumor disappear. A surgery is aimed at removing the tumor and surrounding healthy tissues. It helps to relieve neurological symptoms and make treatment more effective. After successful brain tumor removal, patient’s prognosis is much better.

Brain tumor surgery in Germany is performed on the brain and spine by a highly professional neurosurgeon. After cutting out a tumor, he covers a removed part of skull with patient’s own bone. Today, many advanced technologies are used for surgery, for example:

  • Cortical mapping: it shows areas of brain responsible for senses, speech and movements.
  • Enhanced imaging devices that provide surgeons with extra tools and better insight.
  • Image Guided Surgery and other PC techniques that allow performing the operation very accurately.

In German clinics, even very specialized methods, techniques and devices are implemented as soon as possible.

Together with removing a tumor, brain surgery allows taking sample of tissue to be tested in laboratory. The results of analysis can help to define whether chemo or radiotherapy will be useful. As for cancerous tumors, even if they can’t be totally cured with removal, brain tumor surgery still may relieve the symptoms. If tumors are locate near vital structures, or in places surgeons can’t access, they are inoperable, and other treatment ways are selected.

Choose treatment in Germany

Why we recommend brain tumor surgery in Germany? Neurosurgery is a complicated field, and a surgeon should possess profound knowledge and skills to perform operations safely and effectively. In the Clinic of Braunsweig, doctors apply multidisciplinary approach to elaborate the best treatment plans possible. Other advantages of treatment in Germany include:

  • Affordable prices that are 20-40% lower than in many European and American clinics.
  • Agreeable cost of transportation and accommodation. We help patient to organize their trips.
  • German clinics feature all necessary equipment to ensure due care, maximum comfort and effectiveness of treatment.

Only the most experienced and talented doctors work in the Clinic of Braunsweig. They are ready to help patients from all over the world and perform even very complicated brain tumor surgeries.

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