Welcome to the Clinic for Renal Diseases at the Clinic of Braunschweig!

Welcome to the Clinic for Renal Diseases at the Clinic of Braunschweig!

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I cordially welcome you to the website of the Clinic for Renal and High-Pressure Diseases / Medical Clinic V!

Almost 100 years ago the famous internist Franz Volhard wrote: "The kidneys are the main excretory organs of the body. Their function is vital. It is true that one of the paired organs can stand up for the other; loss of a kidney can be tolerated without much disturbance, and the whole excretory work is taken over by the other healthy kidney, but loss of both kidneys definetly leads to death. Patients with the complete loss of renal function can now survive thanks to dialysis - at least in developed industrial nations. However, it still remains a challenge to determine whether and which disease affects the kidneys. Pain is an usual warning signal for many other diseases, but it is often absent, and the kidney can be severely damaged even if the urine is excreted. Even a little damage to the kidneys, which does not lead to dialysis, can cause cardiac and vascular diseases, but also disorders in mental capacity. In addition to such widespread disease as hypertension and diabetes, inborn diseases such as cystines (ADPKD) as well as inflammation of the vessels can damage the kidneys.

In co-operation with many resident colleagues, the focus of our work is to establish the causes of renal and hypertensive diseases as early as possible and to initiate disease-specific treatments where possible. If the function of one‘s own kidneys is no longer sufficient, together with the patient we select the optimal type of dialysis, prepare for its execution and carry it ot. Another focus of our work is to remove harmful proteins from the blood by means of plasma exchange or special filter treatments with which, for example, proteins can be removed in case of acute thrust of multiple sclerosis. In a variety of poisoning cases we are able to remove the poison from the blood uding different methods.

Our clinic is a national contact partner for the treatment of patients with chronic and acute renal disease as well as severe hypertension and system diseases. In addition to the clinical dialysis center for all renal replacement procedures, including the abdominal dysplasia, we also take care of the patients before and after kidney transplantation.

Flanked by the possibilities of our maximum care hospital, the Medical Clinic V with its 49 beds is a powerful point of contact for patients with renal and hypertension deseases. A team of 5 senior physicians, 13 physicians and more than 70 nurses work together with room secretaries, physiotherapists and nurses to meet the needs and wishes of both the inpatient patients and the day-care patients that need to be dialyzed due to the severity of their illness.

As part of the Center of Internal Medicine we stand for the optimal therapy, care and support of the patients entrusted to us - because you are at the center of our work. In order to ensure this in the future, a well-structured further education of our medical and nursing staff, as well as a committed, practical and well-founded education of the students is anither focus our work in one of the largest teaching hospitals of Lower Saxony.

My team and I are at your disposal for any questions and suggestions.

Prof. MD Jan T. Kielstein

Clinic for Renal diseases (Nephrology)
Chief Physician

Welcome to the Clinic for Renal Diseases at the Clinic of Braunschweig!

Professor MD Jan T. Kielstein

Chief Physician

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