Plasma Cell Myeloma

Today, oncologic diseases are among the most widespread in the world, and plasma cell myeloma is among the most dangerous ones. A lot of doctors from all over the world have spent years to study this condition and find out efficient methods of treatment. However, only a few countries have enough medical potential to cure this disease successfully, and Germany is one of them.

German doctors have rich experience of plasma cell myeloma treatment due to technological advances of German clinics. Every year, millions of Euro is invested into study of cancerous diseases in Germany, which makes this country number one destination for people with cancer. Funds are spend for:

  • Purchase and introduction of advanced high-tech equipment for oncoblastopathy and plasma cell myeloma treatment.
  • Development of innovative treatment programs and therapies in patients on different stages of plasma cell myeloma.
  • Introduction of new and improved drugs and medications for plasma cell myeloma treatment.

Plasma cell myeloma takes place in 1% cases among patients with cancer diseases. Plasma cell myeloma is a cancerous disease of bone marrow. The condition makes bone marrow cells grow abnormally in several areas.


The root of plasma cell myeloma lies in person’s genetics: plasma cells start mutating, and the amount of plasma cells starts overweighing other kinds of blood elements produced by bone marrow. Normal blood cells are gradually expelled by cancer cells that are spread around patient’s body in blood flow, affecting bones and sometimes – other organs. Gradually, plasma cell myeloma destroys the immune system.

World leading haematologists still argue about the exact reasons of plasma cell myeloma. Certain factors are still unknown.

However, there are many factors that can provoke the development of plasma cell myeloma:

  • work in chemical production;
  • a long-lasting contact with carcinogens;
  • a huge dose of ionizing radiation (radiation disease);
  • work in agriculture connected with permanent use of chemicals for ground fertilizing;
  • AIDS, hepatitis and other infections.

Although until recently doctors thought that this disease is typical of older people, this theory is less than half-truth today. Modern studies conducted by German specialists have shown that plasma cell myeloma often takes place in younger age. Even small kids can suffer from it. As a rule, plasma cell myeloma affects men.


Diagnostics of plasma cell myeloma includes many different methods and approaches. It has been significantly improved in German oncologic centers. German specialists offer the whole gamut of options for plasma cell myeloma treatment.

The diagnostics of plasma cell myeloma is based on:

  • Careful history taking.
  • Detailed laboratory diagnostics (blood analysis with studying of all formed elements, high-quality urine and cerebrospinal fluid analysis).
  • Paracentetic sampling of bone marrow with biopsy.
  • X-ray of bone system to define focal lesions.
  • Immune system tests.
  • Computer or nuclear-resonance tomography allowing defining focal lesions on tissue level.

Plasma cell myeloma treatment

Plasma cell myeloma treatment in Germany is performed with many different methods. Typically, the newest advances of world medicine are introduced in medicine by leading German specialists.

The following plasma cell myeloma treatment methods are preferred in Germany:

  • Transplantation of autogenic stem cells in Germany is performed at a high level. Stem cells are special blasts that can produce any healthy blood cells. This technique has been introduced recently. Of course, such practice can be called panacea, because it’s not studies properly yet, and it’s not always possible to foresee how patient’s body would react. Today, obtaining of stem cells from newborn babies’ funiculus is widespread. Blood is blast frozen, and its term of storage is not limited. It helps to save patients in many cases.
  • Allogeneic stem cell transplantation for plasma cell myeloma means that cells are taken from a healthy donor. Not only relatives, but unrelated people can be donors. Here, the compatibility and patient’s body rejection play much role.
  • Chemoterapy for plasma cell myeloma is performed with modern chemical products. They cause apoptosis (massive cell death) blocking the development of blast cells.
  • Immune modulation is one of the most efficient ways to slow down the process of tumor development and activate immune cells in patient’s body (T-cells and killer cells) that keep attacking tumor and destroy components serving as nutrition for cancer cells.
  • Inhibition of proteasome is the newest technology used for plasma cell myeloma treatment. Proteasome is a complex that destroys proteins. The most widespread inhibitors of proteasome used today are:
    • Bortezomib
    • Disulfiram
    • Carfilzomib
    • Epoxymicin

The most optimal way of plasma cell myeloma treatment in Germany means that a certain set of therapies is figured out individually for every patient, in every single case. Specialists of oncologic centers have rich experience of dealing with cancerous diseases. They save thousands of patients’ lives every day helping people from all over the world.

If you need to go through plasma cell myeloma treatment or diagnosis, you can always become a patient of German clinics – their doors are open for people from all regions and countries. Join the rows of people successfully saved from cancer in German hospitals.

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