Surgery on Stomach

Stomach surgery is a wide medical sphere. There are a number of diagnoses that may require surgery on stomach. Stomach surgeons in Clinic of Braunschweig, first, examine a patient’s situation and, then, make a decision on better treatment. Clinic of General and Visceral Surgery headed by Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Guido Schumacher offers all kinds of stomach, esophageal and abdominal surgery performed by highly specialized and highly professional surgeons. The years of experience allow us to claim being among the top experts on field of stomach surgery of any type.

Types of Stomach Surgery

There are many reasons to have stomach surgery and, accordingly, a variety of operations is possible. The simplest classification of surgery for stomach disorders can be present as two large groups:

  • Surgery to remove stomach or its parts
  • Reconstructive stomach surgery

Based on diseases cured with surgery it is possible to distinguish the following types:

  • Stomach cancer surgery
  • Gastroparesis surgery
  • Stomach ulcer surgery
  • Surgery for dysphagia (difficulties with swallowing)
  • Stomach dumping reconstructive surgery
  • Surgical treatment of obesity

Surgical Removal of the Stomach

Removal of the stomach, total or partial, is a common procedure for cancer but it also can be used as treatment for the other stomach problems as benign tumors, ulcer, polyps etc. Depending on severity of disease you may need total or partial gastrectomy (stomach removal).

Total Gastrectomy

The procedure is normally done when a middle part of the stomach are affected. In this case, after removal the esophagus is connected directly to the small intestine.

Immediate effect of the surgery can be dramatic weight loss. A patient needs time to reorganize digestive system; in average, it can take 6-18 moths for complete process. The patient may experience a lot of difficulties including nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain shortly after taking food as well as losing a feeling of hunger and weakness. Actually, people do not want to eat but it is vital necessary to start eating despite difficulties with digestion and luck of hunger. Some sources claim that surgical removal of the stomach could cause leukocytosis and pernicious anemia.

For many people living without stomach sounds impossible but our body can adapt even to this situation. Though it is not very easy to start normal life after total removal of stomach, many patients have been living for years with food pipe connected to the intestine.

Subtotal (Partial) Gastrectomy

Partial removal of the stomach is indicated when lesion is in a lower portion of the stomach. Sometimes stomach resection involves also gastrointestinal reconstruction including duodenum, an upper part of intestine. Recovery after surgery has nearly the same recommendations as for total gastrectomy but it follows much easier that is why stomach surgeon choose partial removal always when possible.

Surgical Repair of Esophagus and Stomach

Surgical reconstruction of esophagus is needed in case such conditions as rapture or perforation of the food pipe. The complex of procedures may include: esophagus resection, introducing of esophageal stent, reconstruction of surrounding tissues together with upper part of the stomach.

Surgical repair is also used for gastroesophageal reflux disease, a condition of increased acid excretion that causes persistent heartburn and other unpleasant symptoms. The operation involves reconstruction of gastroesophageal junction. During the procedure the upper part of the stomach is wrapped around the lower part of the esophagus that creates a barrier preventing entering stomach acid to the food pipe. Stomach wrap can be carried out together with hiatial hernia surgery.

Top Surgeons for Stomach Surgery

Treating of stomach problems by surgical methods is one of specializations of Clinic of General and Visceral Surgery Department. Our team includes general surgeons performing operations for disease of abdomen including intestines, liver, gallbladder and stomach; oncologic surgery specialists who carry out surgical treatment of cancer; bariatric surgeons whose goal is weight-loss surgery. We have the newest equipment for diagnostics and innovative minimally invasive and robotic surgeries. If you wish to learn more on stomach surgery or in need of advice of competent doctor please contact our clinic via online service.

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Surgery on Stomach

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