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Our Services

There are more than 100 beds available in the three nursing stations, as well as other twelve beds in a surgical intensive care unit. Here the patients are supervised by visceral surgery specialists, who have special experience in dealing with possible complications.

The exceptionally large interventions include:

  • Operations on the esophagus,
  • The complete stomach replacement through the small intestine,
  • The removal of up to two-thirds of the liver,
  • The removal of portions of the pancreas,
  • Deep rectal operations up to the sphincter.

Smaller surgeries, such as gall bladder removal, operations on the colon, or treatment of chronic heartburn, are increasingly followed by laparoscopic methods.

The hospital staff tries to meet the wishes of our patients as close as possible. For example, a few years ago, the hospital management team has signed an agreement with representatives of the Jehovah's Witnesses to ensure that all operations, including exceptional operations, are carried out without foreign blood. Due to special operational effort and with the help of the patients, this condition has always been successful.

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Our Services

Professor MD MD hc Guido Schumacher

Chief Physician

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Statistics 2017
  • 2762 patient admission
  • 22 physicians
  • 75 medical staff
  • 56 surgery on thyroid gland
  • 41 operations on esophagus
  • 18 partial gastric resections
  • 76 resections of the small intestine
  • 305 partial resections of the colon
  • 416 operations on the intestine
  • 311 appendectomy
  • 352 operations on rectum
  • 85 operations on liver
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