Clinic for Gastric and Intestinal Diseases
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Professor MD Max Reinshagen

Chief Physician

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Statistics 2017
  • 4841 patient admission
  • 18 physicians
  • 56 medical staff
  • 115 operations on the esophagus
  • 142 operations on the stomach
  • 37 operations on the small intestine
  • 494 operations on the colon
  • 441 endoscopic operations on the bile ducts

Our Services

Our Services

At our stations we focus on patients with gastroenterological and endocrinal-diabetological diseases as well as general internal patients.

Special emphasis is placed on the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases at station 1.3, and on the treatment of chronic liver diseases at station 1.4.

Station 1.2 specializes in the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus and treatment of the “diabetic foot”.

At station 1.1, mainly general-internal and gastroenterological patients are treated.

The clinic has comprehensive, state-of-the-art equipment for performing gastroenterological and internal functional diagnostics. The other internal and radiological diagnostic procedures are provided by other medical departments as well as our radiological department.

We perform all conventional endoscopic diagnostics and therapy procedures. Due to the rapid progress of endoscopic techniques and therapeutic procedures over the last 10 years, we are proud to be able to introduce these new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques very quickly here in Braunschweig.

Also we are able to offer outstanding quality of sonographic and endosonographic diagnostics and therapy due to our modern equipment with high-resolution devices.

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