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Macular Degeneration Surgery

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Macular Degeneration Surgery

Aging affects many body systems, and may cause so-called AMD (Age-related macular degeneration). Luckily, this condition can and should be treated, and German doctors can help you. This article will tell you all you need to know about macular degeneration surgery in Germany and how the Clinic of Braunsweig can help you.

Macular Degeneration Surgery

What is Macular Degeneration?

This is a condition that does not cause pain or discomfort, but leads to the loss of vision (as a rule, in both eyes). In its core, macular degeneration is a problem of the macula (a part of retina) that gets damaged. Only central vision is spoiled, which means you can’t see small details, but will still be able to see the entire picture, because peripheral vision stays normal. This is a common condition that affects many people after 50. Usually, it is caused by aging, but there may be some other reasons, as well.

Types of Macular Degeneration

There are two basic types of AMD:

  1. Dry AMD is more widespread, because about 80% of patients have this form of disease. It is triggered by thinning of the macula wall and growing of protein clumps (drusen). This condition slowly leads to vision loss, and there is no way to treat it yet.
  2. Wet AMD occurs rarely, but appears to be more serious. It is caused by the growth of blood vessels under the retina. When they leak, they make scars on the macula, and a person loses vision much faster than in the first case.

A lot of patients do not even know they have AMD until they realize that their vision blurs. This, it is important to visit an ophthalmologist regularly: a doctor will define the signs and symptoms of AMD before it affects vision.

Symptoms of Macular Degeneration

In the beginning, AMD usually has no symptoms. The first sign of AMD is a slow or acute change in the quality of vision: if you see straight lines as distorted, this is the basic symptom. Gradually, central vision gets poor.

Other symptoms of macular degeneration include:

  • Blurringor darkness in the center of the picture you see.
  • Sometimes – altered perception of color.

When to Visit a Doctor?

It is recommended to visit an ophthalmologist regularly (once in two-four years) after turning 45. A complete examination will reveal possible defects of eyes and AMD signs. If you already have AMD diagnosed, you should check your vision daily, and inform a doctor, if you have any changes.

Macular Degeneration Surgery

Depending on the type of AMD, a doctor may assign different types of treatment. Anti-angiogenic drugsare advised to cure wet AMD: they stop the growth of blood vessels and reduce leaking. Some people manage to regain vision after these medications.

But when water tablets and pills do not help, macular degeneration surgery is assigned: this is a safe and reliable way to cure the disease, or at least stop its development. The Clinic of Braunsweig provides all possible kinds of AMD surgery. You can choose one of the following kinds of macular degeneration surgery in Germany:

  • Laser therapy. High-energy laser beam destroys blood vessel that grow abnormally.
  • Photodynamic laser therapy. A person gets special medication that increases light sensitivity. Then a surgeon shines laser into the eye, the drug is activated, and abnormal vessels are destroyed.
  • Submacular surgery. Removal of abnormal vessels and tissues from the macula.
  • Retinal translocation. In this case, a surgeon will disrupt abnormal blood vessels that are located right under the central part of the macula. A doctor cant’ access the center with a laser beam, which is why he repositions this zone away from the center of macula.
  • Lens implantation. A surgeon will remove the lens of eye and replace it with an artificial one that enhances central vision.

As for dry AMD, surgery may not help, but you can try different practices to help yourself. First, use bright light for reading, and choose books with large prints. Secondly, you can apply magnifying lenses when needed, and install screen reading software on your PC to read and browse the Net.

Get vitamins. Recent studies have shown that food supplements and certain vitamins (zinc, copper, C, E, beta-carotene) improve vision and slow down its loss. Besides, you should be aware of risk factors: smoking increases the chance of developing AMD, so you should avoid it.

Start Your Treatment in Germany

If you need high-quality treatment for reasonable price, we recommend macular degeneration surgery in Germany. First, this is a cheaper option than operations in some European and American clinics. Secondly, you can save on transportation: we will help you to organize your trip. Thirdly, German clinics, particularly the Clinic of Braunsweig, are equipped with state-of-art techniques and devices that help to perform surgeries and therapies safely and effectively.

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