Welcome to the Eye Clinic at the Clinic of Braunschweig!

Welcome to the Eye Clinic at the Clinic of Braunschweig!

Our eye clinic is one of the largest eye clinics in Northern Germany. Our range of services includes all modern diagnostic procedures as well as the operative and non-operative therapy of all ophthalmologal diseases and disorders, from cataract to retinal detachment.

We have a nursing ward with 30 beds, an operating department with two operating rooms, a public insurance and a private ambulance, a vision therapy (orthoptics) and a laser department.

The eye clinic is Academic Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of Hanover.

Our team, led by Professor Dr. Ulrich Weber, with three senior doctors, six assistants and more than 40 nurses, carries out several thousand surgical interventions every year. In addition to outpatient surgeries and laser interventions, this also includes major eyelid plastics as well as eyelid lifts, corneal transplants, squint surgery, cataract and glaucoma surgery, as well as vitreal and retinal surgery.

Operations on cornea, glaucoma and vitreal and retinal surgeries the are only chance for many patients not to go blind forever. They form the main focus of our eye clinic.

On the following pages we will inform you about our range of services, registration process and how to contact us, as well as about individual examinations and treatments.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Weber
And his team

Eye Clinic
Chief Physician

Welcome to the Eye Clinic at the Clinic of Braunschweig!

Professor MD Ulrich Weber

Chief Physician

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Statistics 2017
  • 2113 patient admission
  • 9 physicians
  • 16 medical staff
  • 1088 microsurgery
  • 55 keratectomy
  • 85 operations on the cornea
  • 188 reductions of intraocular pressure by filtering operations
  • 79 operations on the iris
  • 198 operations on the sclera
  • 502 extracapsular extractions of the lens
  • 329 operations on the retina
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