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Diseases in the field of otolaryngology are very diverse. In accordance with this, we offer a wide range of studies to plan any eventual treatment. Some of these examinations are carried out on an outpatient basis, some of them are done inpatiently, partly with the help of other specialist disciplines.

For example:

  • Classical hearing tests, measurement of intraocularity activity (otoacoustic emissions) and derivation of brainstem potentials (BERA, brainstem evoked response audiometry) in congenital and acquired hearing disorders
  • Examination of balance (vestibular diagnostics), including classical postural tests, thermal and rotatory tests, electronystagmography
  • Inspection of the facial nerve (facialis diagnostics), including the exitability test
  • Special voice box function tests (videolaryngoscopy and stroboscopy), voice field measurement, further special tests for speech disorders
  • Ultrasound examinations (sonography B-scan and color doppler) for diseases of soft tissue of head and neck, salivary glands, nasal sinuses, for tumors in the corresonding area
  • Investigations of the nasal and nasal sinuses, the pharynx, the larynx, the esophagus, the air-tube and the bronchi with special optics (endoscopies)
  • Diagnosis of sleep-related respiratory regulation disorders (snoring, sleep apnea, etc.)
  • Examination of the nose airflow during nasal breathing (rhinomanometry)
  • Allergy diagnostics during the inpatient stay
  • Tests of odor sense (olfactometry) and sense of taste (gustometry)

Treatment options

The operational spectrum includes:

  • Ear surgery (Cochlear implants and brain stem implants done in cooperation with the Department of Neurosurgery) with the treatment of inflammatory diseases, injuries and hearing-enhancing procedures
  • Conventional tumor surgery and laser surgery (both open and transoral) of the area, including restorative procedures (both functional and cosmetic) and functional rehabilitation with microvascular reanastomosed tissue transfer
  • Endonasal microsurgical, endoscopic as well as computer-assisted (navigation system-supported) surgical interventions into the nose and nasal sinuses as well as skull base
  • Plastic-reconstructive surgery for injuries to the cranial base, the facial cranium and / or the soft tissue, including facial fractures
  • Transnasal endoscopic procedures for tear duct constrictions
  • The diseases and tumors of the large salivary glands
  • The surgery of the pharynx as well as the oral cavity (including palatal and pharyngeal grafting, vascular and pharyngeal dislocation, laser-assisted surgery)
  • Microsurgical procedures on the larynx, especially on the lobes, with the help of conventional or laser surgery
  • Voice enhancing operations, eg under – injections into the vocal folds (augmentation) or
  • Thyreoplastics (Ishiki‘s, Friedrich‘s methods)
  • Enlargement of the vocal cord in cases of dyspnoea due to vocal cramps
  • Endoscopies of larynx, bronchioles, esophagus in case of inflammatory or tumorous diseases as well as early detection and removal of foreign objects
  • Endoscopic laser-assisted swelling section of the deep throat / hypopharynx diverticulum (Zenker diverticulum)
  • Plastic surgery (auricle, external nose, scar correction)
  • Treatment of skin tumors of head and neck including plastic reconstruction of defects

The chief physician is authorized for perform further training for special ENT surgery and plastic surgery.

In addition, some diseases are treated in a purely conservative way, eg, by administering medicines and local care.

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Statistics 2017
  • 2894 patient admission
  • 16 physicians
  • 27 medical staff
  • 346 microsurgery
  • 76 reconstructions of the external auditory canal
  • 109 reconstructions of the eardrum
  • 90 reconstructions of the middle ear
  • 312 resections and plastic reconstructions of the nasal septum
  • 357 operations on the lower nasal concha
  • 98 operations on the maxillary sinus
  • 134 operations at the ethmoid and the sphenoidal sinus
  • 125 resections of a salivary gland
  • 30 reconstructions of the trachea
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