Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery

Due to the clinics new hybrid-OP the future of surgery begins now. This equipment is unique in the region around Braunschweig and is part of the clinics central OP. This operation room is a great development for surgery methods on heart and the vascular system. Clinic Braunschweig is the most important hospital for acut and chronical diseases of the aorta whitin Germany.

Aneurysm Surgery / Aorta Repair Surgery

Aorta is a vessel that starts in the heart, traverses the chest and the belly and finally reaches the pelvis where it splits in two large pelvis vessels. Since it is the largest vessel in the body, the aorta transports a huge amount of blood.

As they get older, some patients come down with an aneurysm which is more likely to burst the larger it gets. This disease is mostly supported by such connective tissue diseases as the Marfan syndrome. On the contrary, direkt injuries caused by violence are not common for this disease. Mostly the aneurysms are passed by by special vessel tubes. In very rare cases the bypass crosses a stent that is located inside the vessel. If the aorta has to be replaced near the heart, our doctors use a heart-lung machine.

Circulatory disorder within the legs and the brain

Calcifications within the vessels can cause lowed blood circulation and finally a tissue dieback due to the lack of oxygen.

On the leg this disease is also known as „smoker’s leg“ or as peripheral artery disease (PAD).

If the disease concerns the carotid artery, the symptoms could run from dizziness, sight disorders, temporary speech and movement disorders and even to apoplexy.

Depending on the location of contraction or of the occlusion it is possible to remove the calcium by surgery or to expand the vessel by using a balloon. If it is not possible, the doctors apply the bypass procedure, i.e. a body‘s (e.g. V.sapena magna) or an artificial vessel is applied to bridge the contraction. In some special cases the bypass can cross areas where originally are no vessels at all.

Varicose Vein Surgery

Within the population varicose veins are widespread. There are two reasons why they are a cause for complaint: Firstly, they are a problem from the aesthetic point of view, secondly the patients are suffering from a feeling of heaviness, itching and pain in the leg. In difficult cases it sometimes is even possible to get a venous ulcer.

If the tight‘s and the shank’s vessels are concerned, the doctors remove the diseased veins surgically as well as the great saphenous vein. Therefore they just cut two small transections.

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
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Vascular Surgery

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