Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic surgery is one of the most difficult procedures, so it should be approached with due responsibility. If you have decided to choose German medicine, you’ve made the right choice. Specialists of Braunsweig clinic are ready to deal with thoracic operations of any complexity and any type.

Types of thoracic surgery that we perform

Thoracic surgery is a procedure used to deal with diseases of lungs, heart and chest. The doctors of Braunsweig hospital are ready to deal with various thoracic surgery types: we have enough techniques and skills for that. The list of available operations includes:

  • Cardiothoracic surgery. It is performed to treat various heart disorders and problems with heart vessels. We commonly perform such procedures as bypass surgery and other heart valve operations, implantation of artificial heart or donor’s heart, etc.
  • Thoracic aortic aneurysm surgery is aimed at removing an aneurysm vessel that is damaged and preventing vessel disruption (this state can be fatal).
  • Surgery to treat thoracic aorta calcification which leads to vessel narrowing and poor blood flow in heart. As a rule, our doctors remove the affected vessel and make a new path for blood supply.
  • Thoracic laminectomy is the removal of lamina, a spine section that forms a bony cover over the spinal canal. The procedure is performed to relive pressure on the spinal cord and spine nerves. It is usually done in upper and mid-back sections of spine and is aimed at preventing aortic valve stenosis.

Why trusting us?

Surgical treatment of thoracic aorta and other conditions is a complicated procedure, because it requires not only making an incision, but also breaking and separating spine bones. Therefore, it should be performed by a highly skilled and trained doctor who knows exactly what to do. We use the most advanced methods and techniques to reach excellence and provide a consistent level of service. German medicine is fairly considered to be the best in the world, and Braunsweig Hospital totally justifies this opinion.

We use minimally invasive approach

It’s not a secret that traditional approach to surgery is outdated. The vast majority of clinics practice non-invasive surgery: this is a safer approach that causes less pain and smaller scars, and has faster recovery. During a minimally invasive operation, a surgeon makes a few tiny incisions in patient’s back and a small tube with a camera is inserted in one of them. Other cuts are needed to insert and control the movement of instruments. The inner view of patient’s body is displayed on the screen in operational room. Various thoracic surgery procedures are done this way, especially operations on valves and nerves.

In more complicated cases, traditional surgery is performed: it is necessary to make bigger cuts and draw out tumors or organs. No matter what kind of approach is used, the specialists of Braunsweig hospital will do their best to ensure maximal safety of the procedures.

Our advantages

Thousands of patients from all over the world choose the clinic of Braunsweig, because it has numerous benefits including:

  • The newest equipment and medical advances are used in every branch of our medicine.
  • The latest methods and technological advances are applied to reach the best results and guarantee safety for our patients.
  • Only the most experienced and trained doctors work in the hospital together with internationally recognized researchers from different areas.
  • We comply with the highest standards of hospital service and care.
  • As any decent German Clinic, our hospital features comfortable facilities and wards. Patients can feel cozy and stress-free. 24/7 medical assistance is guaranteed.
  • We promise to maintain medical ethics and do our best to make patients feel better.
  • Our prices are more than agreeable. Compare the cost of our procedures with the prices in other European and American medical centers, and you will understand that the choice is clear.

Where to find us?

The Braunsweig hospital in located in Braunschweig, Germany. This is a relatively big town with calm and peaceful atmosphere and moderate prices. Here you can feel relaxed and secluded: nothing will distract you from recovery. Besides, the cost of accommodation and foods for those who accompany the patient will be pretty affordable. Braunsweig hospital is a perfect variant for clients with tight budget.

Do not postpone thoracic surgery: some conditions and diseases can be life-threatening. Trust your health to our specialists and you will get the best treatment possible. Our doctors and surgeons are devoted to their work, and do all they can to bring hope back when it’s almost lost. We are ready to deal even with the most complicated diseases and conditions.

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Thoracic Surgery

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