Welcome to the Cancer Center Braunschweig!

Welcome to the Cancer Center Braunschweig!

This higher-level consortium provides an excellent infrastructure for all organ donation centers and allows the patients of the clinic to be treated in accordance with most recent scientific studies. Oncology is regarded as a dynamic, constantly evolving area of medicine. Clinical research is therefore a way to participate in this progress under safe and controlled conditions. The centers have established important partnerships with other clinics and practicing physicians.

The Cancer Center Braunschweig ensures quality-assured diagnoses and treatment procedures

The Cancer Center Braunschweig brings under the same roof the treatment procedures of all cancer patients of the clinic. It was founded in accordance with all requirements of the German Cancer Society. In order to inform the patients, which clinics work on the basis of quality-assured diagnoses and treatment procedures, the German Cancer Society awards the centers that have been certified by it with a seal of quality.

So far our center has received the following certificates:

  • The Breast Center in 2005
  • The Gynecological Cancer Center in July 2010
  • The Prostate Center in January 2012
  • The Intestinal Cancer Center in July 2014
  • The Visceral Cancer Center and Pancreatic Cancer Center in February 2016

Certified centers must meet strict quality requirements. These include interdisciplinary networking and discussion of the best possible therapy in tumor boards. These are conferences in which the several experts define an individual therapy for each patient. The patient does not have to go from one physician to the next anymore, but the doctors who are attending the board are sitting together at one table and discussing the best possible therapy, taking into account the guidelines of the German Cancer Society and expert associations, and the newest research results.

At the Cancer Center Braunschweig patients have the opportunity to benefit from the latest medical advances. In particular in recent years, as many new procedures have been developed for the treatment of various cancerous diseases. New experimental treatment approaches are offered in Braunschweig with the support of the Cancer Center Braunschweig research center.

Regular training of all employees is another criterion that is tested during certification. In addition to these, in the narrow sense medical basic principles, the entire patient care system also plays an important role for the certification. A team of psychooncologists is always available to help one deal with psychological stress situations. The clinic closely cooperates with the Cancer Aftercare Association (registered society) of the city of Braunschweig on special social questions. The after-treatment is carried out by the practicing physicians together with the respective organ donation center.

Cancer Center
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Welcome to the Cancer Center Braunschweig!

Professor MD Wolfgang Hoffmann

Chief Physician

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  • 1882 patient admission
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  • 52 medical staff
  • 1688 not complex chemotherapy
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  • 359 highly complex and intensive block chemotherapy
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