Scientific Advance for Your Health

Applied Science and Research at the Municipal Clinic of Braunschweig

Scientific Advance for Your Health

The best possible medical care for our patients is our top priority. The comprehensive medical diagnostics and the most advanced scientifically-based therapies are provided at 17 clinics, 11 independent departments and six institutes.

We believe that the scientific expertise is the key to successful managing of the diseases. In cooperation with various research institutions, we make a decisive contribution to the study of the diseases and their causes as well as to the development of efficient therapeutic methods. Our know-how makes us a valuable partner for applied medical and clinical research in Germany.

Pouch System for Bone and Cartilage Treatment

Many modern therapy methods make use of the living stem cells. Unfortunately, these cell cultures are very fragile and need special conditions to survive.

Scientific Advance for Your Health

Within the special research project, co-ordinated by the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research, the Clinic of Braunschweig is currently working with partners from industry and research to refine a special plastic pouch, which internal parts are specially coated so as to provide the best condition for the living cells. As a result, the cells not only can survive over a longer period of time, but can also multiply. The aim of the scientists is to be able to grow the necessary body tissues outside of the body. This is crucially important in surgery for treating the severe bone fractures, restoration of the destroyed facial parts, or for replacement of the affected nerve cells.

The task of the scientific team at the Clinic of Braunschweig is to isolate and investigate stem cells from tissue samples as well as to grow the bones or cartilages, needed for surgical treatment.

Life-threatening infectious diseases

The research of the serious infectious diseases is a major focus of the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research (HZI). Intensive efforts aim at the identification of pathogens and improving targeted use of special treatment options. The scientific activity is performed in close cooperation with various clinics and institutes.

Brain Activity: Clinical Study of Decision-Making Processes

Scientific Advance for Your Health

Each second the human brain must process large quantities of information in order to make decisions. The research group for cognitive neurology closely cooperates with the neurologists and psychologists from the Clinic and the Technical University of Braunschweig in order to study the mechanism of this process. The main objective ist to gain basic insights into certain neurological diseases, such as age-related dementia or schizophrenia, when the functioning of certain brain regions is impaired.

Hazardous Wood Dust

Big ammounts of wood dust can promote the development of nasal cancer. The Clinic of Braunschweig, the Professional Association in München and the Scientific Institute in Bochum has been dealing with the issues, concerning the cause and course of this rare disease for already nearly 20 years. The Clinic is a national reference center for clinical assessment and histopathological study in case of nasal cancer.

Milestone in Medical IT

During the treatment, large quantities of documents are generated. It goes without saying that the paper-based archiving invokes considerable costs. The Department of IT and Organization of the Clinic has developed and successfully introduced the electronic archiving system. The experts at the Braunschweig Clinic thus succeeded to implement the legally secure digital signature, which is considered to be a milestone in medical informatics.

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  • 1428 licensed beds
  • 460 advanced practice clinicians
  • 1094 medical staff
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