Guiding principles

Guiding principles
Guiding principles
Guiding principles
Guiding principles
Guiding principles
Guiding principles

The Clinic of Braunschweig is a patient-oriented service company, which quality requirements are firmly anchored in the corporate image. In this way, the Clinic not only fulfills its medical and nursing mission in the best possible way, but also provides the basis for the commercial success of the house.

The employees of the hospital perform ther daily routine in compliance with the following guiding principles:

  1. The Clinic of Braunschweig ensures the comprehensive treatment of patients from the city and the region, providing the maximum medical care at the highest quality, ethically and scientifically founded level.
  2. A patient in our clinic can be sure that his/ her well-being and needs are at the center of our actions. We treat all patients and their relatives with the utmost care, understanding and respect.
  3. In accordance with the mission as a multidisciplinary health center, the clinic offers a wide range of services that are geared to the needs of the patients. In order to ensure the best possible care for patients, we work in a network and in close cooperation with our healthcare partners.
  4. Only through targeted training, further education and personal development can we constantly improve our high level of social and professional competence and performance. Health prevention and health-oriented working conditions are of great importance to us. All our employees identify themselves with the mission statement oft he Clinic.
  5. A cooperative management style is self-evident to us, since it promotes the independence of the employees and boosts the success rates. Our executives initiate and control transparent and goal-oriented collaboration.
  6. Acting in the interest of all groups of patients, the Clinic secures its supply order through economic action. We are re-using the financial success for necessary investments for the benefit of our patients. Organizational structures and workflows are continually examined for efficiency and effectiveness and adapted accordingly.
  7. Health and ecology are inseparable that is why, we act and behave environmentally conscious.
Statistics 2017
  • 21 departments
  • 1428 licensed beds
  • 460 advanced practice clinicians
  • 1094 medical staff
  • 60785 inpatient admissions
  • 170733 outpatient visits
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